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So remember the other day when I went off on doll art? A friend gently reminded me via Facebook this morning of one of her own old creepy doll projects, that happened to get picked up by Apartment Therapy today. So I hereby issue a hedgy retraction. Doll art is, indeed, pretentious, unless executed by any friend of mine. And doubly un-pretentious if accompanied by a technical rendering of the process. Which is what she did. A technical rendering of a pretty ridiculous thing. Bravo.

Another person doing things I approve of is my husband's brother's wife, also known as the SIL (a kindred spirit who also married into this ridiculous name), who has set out to document un-art-directed rooms that are not found in glossy magazines, starting with those found in her friends' homes. And that's where you can find my own crafty/worky space this morning. And, also, because she requested only two photos, and I sent a million, and she kindly posted four, I thought I'd post the rest on Flickr

Click away.

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Ooh--I can comment now!!

Ooh--I can comment now!! Yes! I had such a hard time not posting every single photo.

KNL you rock. Thanks for the

KNL you rock. Thanks for the shout out. And thanks for the exception to the doll parts scorn. I myself (as if I could be anyone else) have little tolerance for the fad run amok nowadays.

I went to your SIL's post and since I'm reading you chronologically (damn the man) I may be jumping ahead made a CAVE for your kinder! YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER.

Also, I'm twitter resistant because most people stop writing anything longer than 140 characters once they start tweeting (you being the exception) but I am reading your tweets of late and it's like you're in my head. Seam rippers? Fabric design? We speak the same language.