Maps and bails and writing in ink


"The Girlie," while being a fairly accurate descriptor, is not what is listed on all her legal documents. Her real name, the one we sometimes refer to her as, is one she she shares with our old college town. And when your name is also a location on a map, well, the crafty possibilities are endless. 


Here, belatedly, is the card we made up for the grandmothers for Mother's Day. I snipped out appropriate sections from old maps and road atlases, Mod Podged the hell out of them, and glued them onto pendant backings. That little loopy thing at the top, where you're supposed to run your chain through, is called a "bail," and not, surprisingly, "that little loopy thing." The things you learn. 

The Boy, outfitted with my hole puncher, really a heavy, blunt awl of a device, banged out a couple of holes for threading the pendant through with my go-to scrap yarn.  Then for some paint-smeared-all-over-the-hands prints on the card fronts, which I'd printed 2-up onto a letter-sized cutting from a cereal box. 


And, of course, The Boy took a careful dictation and scrawled his message on the inside. And I just have to ask: What is up with very-nearly-4-year-olds and the backward letters? Perfect penmanship can shove it. I'll take an inverted "S" any day.


Tags: cardboard, cards, map, pendant