2012: Mar 4

Don't know why, but making the mitered corners on the shade make me quite happy.

2012: Mar 2

The Boy, The Mr. and the car were off for the day at a chess tournament. And left to our own lunchtime devices, Bear and I came up with a haphazard array of pantry and refrigerator dregs. It was a lot like an amply stocked Lunchable, with a healthy portion of produce on the side.

2012: Mar 2

I just checked the archives, and it will have been a year ago tomorrow that I posted about the completion of the roman shade for the french door in the bedroom (and as we all know, nothing is done if not posted). So I made it just under the year mark when I finally got to the business of measuring the window in the room and cutting the fabric for it.

2012: Mar 1

The old wooden birdhouse hanging on the tree out front, the one that, painted to mimic the colors of our own house, was here when we moved in is starting to crumble.

2012: Feb 29

Having all those hexagons to piece together, a project sure to take the rest of my foreseeable crafty moments, means I've got no incentive to start any new projects. Except, of course, for that nagging feeling that I really need to see something to completion...

2012: Feb 28

Bear's relocation from the toddler room to the preschool room at her school evidently necessitated a revisiting of her emergency kit. Goodbye diapers and wipes. Hello better fitting clothes.

2012: Feb 27

The Boy came home from school today with a month's worth of construction paper-based projects, some of a more cryptic nature than others. Judging from these materials, their topics ranged from winter artifacts to an abstract study of positive and negative space.