2012: Feb 26

The flare of this leek suggests that I might have done a poor job of produce selection, perhaps picking out one that was a touch past its prime. It's a neat herringbone effect, though, like the top of a pineapple, or, to my catholic school eye, the fronds of a palm branch the week before Easter.

2012: Feb 25

Through the combined miracles of instant video streaming and a week-long school break, The Boy has made himself a fanatic of that television awesomeness known as MythBusters. He spent his days off engineering Rube Goldberg contraptions (mostly involving balls bouncing off multiple surfaces), discussing how a postage stamp could not possibly take down a helicopter, pretty accurately describing the science behind the Mento in the soda trick, and declaring, at odd intervals, the Busted!-ness of things. Of course, no theortical discussion of science should go without a practical examination of the subject, so that's what we did today. The science of the matter might have been lost on Bear, but she does know that it's fun.

2012: Feb 25

Having extracted the once fertile plant pod, I was hoping to pop in a little brain-sized felt ball. Coming up empty, I substituted a ball of fuzz instead.

xmas redux: Printed cloths


With that Valentine post, it occurred to me that Christmas snuck through without examination of the goods I came up with this year. So I'll just intermittently toss some belated product run-downs here, scattered amongst the daily picture posts.

I decided to lay off the Gocco this year, because last time I hauled it out I discovered some of the inks had started separating and, well, it requires some coordination of resources (and covert hijacking of my work printer) to get the laser masters printed for the screens. I do love a good carved block, though, and planning for one of those enforces the need for ultra-simple design work. And ultra-simplicity is precisely the kind of design work I'm capable of during the final weeks of the year. 


So I whipped up a two-minute binary poinsettia and put it to work on some loosely-woven fabric that I'd sewn into square, bandana-ish sized swatches. Full disclosure here: I have no idea what the precise make-up of that material is. The bolt's ultra-inexpensiveness and proximity to the muslins would suggest that it's not actual linen, possibly not any natural fiber. But it gets the job done and in a nicely neutral palette. 

And their primary purpose, apart from satisfying my printing urges? To wrap up some of the more fragile items in the gift baskets. Their ultimate purpose? Slung around Bear's neck, one makes a nifty attached-to-the-kid hankie for her perpetually runny nose. 


Tags: block print, furoshiki, stamp, xmas

2012: Feb 23

The latest issue of my favorite magazine arrived in a manila envelope warning of dated content, looking very much like a prospectus for some investment opportunity. I really can't oversell this publication. That is, if you're not averse to the idea of eating or looking at pictures of animal flesh, and don't mind your food writing punctuated by lots of profanity and references to genitalia.

2012: Feb 22

Looking for a new way to abuse plantlife, I picked up one of these DIY terrariums in male from Fab. How perfect is this, like tilt-shift up close.

2012: Feb 21

In the waning hours at work tonight I decided to take on a great email upheaval that has carried over into the post-work hours. I tend to get a tad testy when it comes to computers being less than completely cooperative, a trait that can be a bit of a liability considering that my workdays are filled with computers being less than completely cooperative. And so I've taken a few steps back from the screen so that The Mr. might resolve some computer strife for me.