Normally, we might not let The Boy head directly out into the snow before breakfast and good-mornings and all the usual day-breaking formalities. But the forecast was for warmer weather and a snow-clearing rain. And I believed it. So as soon he came stumbling down the stairs in the morning, we hustled him into his jacket and out the door where he was quite content to throw slushballs at the shrubbery. Later in the morning, coming out of the shower, I found he had suited up and headed back out into the backyard by himself. Which I guess is what I get for not letting him watch tv while I shower. And yeah, by early afternoon most of the snow was gone.


Not a crystal clear shot. But I just got home from work after the bus didn't quite make it all the way up the hill and partway back down to where our house is. So I trust you'll forgive me for not going back out to perfect the shot. I'm told, though, that this winter will yield a bumper crop of snow days, so I'll defer photographic perfection to another day.


I've got the between-project doldrums. The best cure, of course, is to exhume fabrics purchased and stashed away for just such a rainy day. I'd been thinking that The Boy needs a new quilt, one that will cover his entire full-sized bed, perhaps replacing the mash of six or seven smaller blankets, including the quilt I'd made for his crib, that when laid over each other in interlocking fashion almost cover him adequately. But the fabrics I pulled out, the ones I really want to cut into now, are a tad girly, even for my pink-loving boy. So now I'm thinking another throw for the couch, instead... A girly one, of course.


For whatever reason, I believe that my children look best in macro. One day, probably not that long from now, The Boy will no longer allow me to get so close that I can see the fuzz on his face. And at this level of closeness I can pretend that there will be no need for orthodontia.

Snaps shot


OK. We're a week+ into the new year. And we're still not ones to participate in the annual making and breaking of resolutions, or the subsequent failure-induced chocolate binge. My over-consumption of chocolate, for the record, requires no anomalies in self-esteem. But I did quietly inaugurate a little photographic project with the advent of the new year that may have left you wondering if I'd abandoned my usual verbosity for a bit of a different format. That last doozy of a post should have settled that point. Still, I'd like to offer up a brief-ish explanation of my intentions here. 


They're two-fold. 

One. I like this blog. Maintaining my presence here makes me happy. When I'm gone for extended periods, I start feeling like the absentee parent neglecting her once-lavished child. I gotta do something that will keep me thinking about Lovelihood, even when, as these days, I'm doing a lot less making. So even if the daily posts are a bit off-topic and stray a tad from the long-winded gasbag format I'd built my presence around, I think they'll round out this space nicely. 


Two. We have that newish fancy camera that's been languishing from disuse. It gets some play during freakish weather events, but that's pretty much it. And we frequently comment, in the car on the way to appropriately photographable events, that we should have remembered to bring the camera. That stops here. Not every shot has to be good or in focus or, God forbid in this sunlight-poor region of ours, properly lit. But shots will be taken Every. Damned. Day. I will remember to take the camera out with us. I will play with new lenses and shots. And I will annotate them with clever little observations. 


Another thing about these dailies… Because they actually originate from my Flickr account and get sucked into Lovelihood via Interweb magic, you can't really access the post and comment like the regular ones. I may have my tech department change that at some point. For now, it works for me. If you feel inexplicably compelled to comment on a photo post, you can do so by finding the original at Flickr.

That is all.


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The King's Ring aka a smoked bacon maple glazed doughnut in honor of, who else, Elvis. I spent much of yesterday scheming ways to get to this limitedly engaged goodie. Made it downtown today with the fam to partake while also exposing the kids to the gritty world of Elvis impersonators. I didn't ask what the calorie count was on this bad boy, but I can only assume that this morning's weak-assed run likely did not cover the total.


A Christmas gift to Mr. New Media. He has a standing request for art for pretty much any gift-centric occasion. I oblige, mostly because it's easy. Scanned some kid art, did some quick and dirty Photoshop work, printed onto and tore out of nice linen cardstock and stuck them with pins into a shadowbox frame. Done.