2012: May 29

Picked myself up a little something for having survived another May.

2012: May 18

Finally getting around to working up party favors. The old stand-by: Space Invaders smelted crayons.

2012: May 10

Out of necessity, really, The Boy completed his first stitching project, a red stuffed dog to replace the stuffie he'd been entrusted with for a journaling project with his class. The original Red Velvet, a beansac pooch, ran off over the weekend, and extensive searching yielded zero results. Thus, Red Velvet 2 was born.

2012: May 9

If you've ever seen this book in its hardcover form, then you know it's a gnarly beast of a book, meant for downloading to an e-reader and pulling out without fear of wrist pain. Thirteen years ago, however, when this book was purchased at a reading/signing, the e- route was not an option. And so we've been lugging this unread tome through our various homes, packed and unpacked and placed in new piles of books to be read one day. I'm reading it now.

2012: May 8

We've milked 5 years of enjoyment out of this puzzle. It's perhaps time to let it go.

2012: May 7

Everything gets labeled when you have school-aged children.

2012: May 6

It's not super warm yet, but us Seattleites are so unaccustomed to the sun that a day in the high 50s deserves to be spent in shorts.