Tied up

Little blank notebooks, stitched together from cardboard reclaimed from the recycling pile and recycled newsprint. Then stamped with a linoleum block and topped with a crayon, smelted into a tidy little heart. The yarn is mostly just to keep the books from all flying open and crumpling agains each other in transit from home to school.

"Put your finger there"

Having an assistant (or two, when you're trying to take a picture) is vital in the creation a neat little bow.

Hearts and hearts

The first one done, serving a fine example for a couple dozen more to come.

Boy overseeing progress

The ink went on a bit thick, and the notebooks spent a few days sitting out to dry. Boy inspected for wetness daily.

Little notebooks, all in a row

The spines, after stitching, were treated to a binding of colored artist tape.

Notebooks, undressed

When I've made these notebooks in the past, I kept the colorful, packaging side of the cardboard on the outside for some flavor. This time, they make the inside cover, leaving the fronts blank for stamping.

Blank slates

Small bits of cardboard, picked from the recycling bin, sit freshly folded, awaiting their next assignment.