2012: Feb 13

Whipped up an extra small batch of bubblegum-pink frosting to go with the dairy and eggless cookies for The Boy's Valentine party tomorrow. Am I the sort of person who keeps a tub of soy cream cheese in the fridge for this sort of occasion? Indeed, I am.

Oct: 25

My jar of elastics. You've got one of those, right?


The last of the jar cakes. We'd kept a handful of this year's batch of cranberry cakes (baked neatly into leeeetle jars), and have been picking them off one by one. These things are supposed to keep up to a year. I don't ever intend to test the upper limit of their shelf stability.

Things in glass

Two stragglers that didn't quite make it into gift baskets, and therefore available for a quick photo-shoot. Cranbery cake and vanilla extract. I love the little vanilla specks hanging there in suspense. No liqueurs this year, sadly. I'll be back on my game next year, I'm sure. Read more about me at www.lovelihood.com

A little celebration


Today is Mr. New Media's birthday. But May is a big month at the Lovelihood home. Two birthdays, an anniversary, Mother's Day, some celebratory travel, and toss in some big plans for some big changes. It's a big month. On the midst of all this celebration and movement, you'd think I'd be a crafty little bee buzzing from one project to the next to mark these felicitous times. But it seems that under all this anticipation, I've just been sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, antsy and unwilling to commit to anything that might eat into time spent stressing over these events. 

Angst city.

So I haven't been up to my usual festive craftiness. No pillows in progress. Sewing machine hibernating under its cozy. Gifts, ordered online instead of whipped up, and pretty mediocre at that. All this idleness got me feeling a tad guilty, so last minute plans got under way to bake a cake. A carrot cake, Mr. New Media's preference. Teeny tiny carrot cakes, adult cupcakes baked into the little canning jars (I've been hooked on these since making those sweetbreads at Christmas) we'd been storing The Girlie's homemade baby food in. Is there anything that miniaturization doesn't make better? It's as close to foolproof as any cake baking method can be. I've yet to misfire a batch of jar cakes. Perfect.


You know what else is perfect? Having a couple dozen perfectly portioned cakes, shelf stable up to a year, lunch-packable and utterly palatable. Either these babies will satisfy a couple weeks' worth of sweet-cravings. Or we'll polish them off by week's end and feel pretty bad about ourselves. We won't let ourselves think about that.


Teeny tiny carrot cakes, of course, deserve a teeny bit of cream cheese frosting. In our house, that means soy cream cheese frosting. And I've got to say, it turned out rather well. Double perfect. Little cake frosting is a job for little boys, even if they don't quite get the logistics of piping from a pastry bag. And there was, perhaps, a game of tic tac toe played in icing. Whatever.

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Frosting in the bag

That's a soy cream cheese frosting for the cakelets. You'd never guess that there was no dairy or eggs in these things. Read more at www.lovelihood.com/blog/little-celebration


Little cakes deserve a little icing from a little man. Read more at www.lovelihood.com/blog/little-celebration