Adding the details

I had envisioned delicately painted, wispy little lines for the veins and stem. The Boy has no such eye for subtlety. Read more about me at

Rolling the leaves

Probably The Boy's favorite part, after the painting and leaf collecting. OK, so it was all his favorite part. Read more about me at

Laying the leaves down

I put a cut-up cereal box inside the bag so the paint wouldn't just soak clear through. Read more about me at

Painting the leaf

The Boy slathers fabric paint onto a chard leaf. Read more about me at

Produce bags in muslin

This neat little stack of sacks is freshly french-seamed and drawstrung, all ready for market.

  • Muslin — I used about a yard and a half of muslin to make 15 sacks
  • Cotton string — I used a thick crochet yarn
  • Threaded sewing machine — duh

Insert drawstring

Cut a length of string about 5" longer than the circumference of the bag. Use a large darning needle to run it through the casing at the opening you left in the seam.

Stitch the casing

Stitch the fold down, leaving a teeny tiny opening at one of the side seams. (Funky camera issues and tree-filtered natural lighting lend this shot its dramatic flair)