2012: May 7

Everything gets labeled when you have school-aged children.

2012: Apr 19

Took the kids on a rain-day zoo excursion today (with a pocket-ful of expendable change), and all we have to show for it is a souvenir pressed penny.

2012: Apr 9

It's a stitchy sampler of sorts, taking the form of what I hope will soon be a scarf.

2012: Mar 24

We rarely have eggs in the house. But for a the past couple of weeks we've been nursing a six pack I'd picked up for houseguests. I have little stomach for boiled eggs, hard or soft, these days, but when I was little, man did I love myself an egg soaked in a salty stew. The Mr., having just discovered this ovate umami-ness, is all over the taste sensation achieved by tossing an egg with a splash of soy sauce.