Fun things not found here


So remember the other day when I went off on doll art? A friend gently reminded me via Facebook this morning of one of her own old creepy doll projects, that happened to get picked up by Apartment Therapy today. So I hereby issue a hedgy retraction. Doll art is, indeed, pretentious, unless executed by any friend of mine. And doubly un-pretentious if accompanied by a technical rendering of the process. Which is what she did. A technical rendering of a pretty ridiculous thing. Bravo.

Another person doing things I approve of is my husband's brother's wife, also known as the SIL (a kindred spirit who also married into this ridiculous name), who has set out to document un-art-directed rooms that are not found in glossy magazines, starting with those found in her friends' homes. And that's where you can find my own crafty/worky space this morning. And, also, because she requested only two photos, and I sent a million, and she kindly posted four, I thought I'd post the rest on Flickr

Click away.