2012: Mar 29

The Boy's chosen medium for written communication is post-it notes scrawled up with Kindergarten spelling and distributed to relevant parties. I thought I'd whip him up a post-it wallet for his easter basket to keep his tools close at hand.

2012: Mar 28

I had a couple dozen downtown minutes to myself waiting for the opportunity to chaperone preschoolers to a Ye Olde Shoppe of buggy things sort of place. And for entertainment I had a just-finished book and my phone, which, with its camera and games and internet-trawling capabilities, takes care of all my low-brow diversional needs.

2012: Mar 27

If salad salads were as pretty as fruit salads, I might be tempted to eat them more.

2012: Mar 26

Legos, in their natural state. Other times, they're cascading out of backpack pockets or getting knocked around by unsuspecting feet or assembled into towering weaponizations. But mostly, they can be found in a pile, waiting to be put away.

2012: Mar 25

The Boy uses the chalkboard dots to display schematics for such engineering impossiblities as rocket laden secret weapons and hydro-explosives.

2012: Mar 24

We rarely have eggs in the house. But for a the past couple of weeks we've been nursing a six pack I'd picked up for houseguests. I have little stomach for boiled eggs, hard or soft, these days, but when I was little, man did I love myself an egg soaked in a salty stew. The Mr., having just discovered this ovate umami-ness, is all over the taste sensation achieved by tossing an egg with a splash of soy sauce.

2012: Mar 23

There really wasn't enough day today to start a project and finish it, too. But having an excuse to spend another day playing with bookbinding materials is really not a bad thing.