X-Pro II

2012: May 10

Out of necessity, really, The Boy completed his first stitching project, a red stuffed dog to replace the stuffie he'd been entrusted with for a journaling project with his class. The original Red Velvet, a beansac pooch, ran off over the weekend, and extensive searching yielded zero results. Thus, Red Velvet 2 was born.

2012: May 2

When my knees and hips start feeling creaky during runs, I take that as my cue to go shoe shopping. I've been eying the minimal strain of running shoes for a while, impressed with the barefoot and near-barefoot runners who have been showing up at the races. But what it really came down to was that this was the prettiest pair at REI the day I went in for a new pair. Took them out for a run today, and I can report that they at least make me want to run faster.

2012: Feb 10

These little hearts, like the similarly felt hearts I made up last year, are just so precious I want to gather them all up and nuzzle them against my cheek. Or a more likely scenario: I'm so frazzled with all the V-day makings that I shove them into Bear's little hands to just get rid of them already.


While we may be in a remarkably dry stretch of near-winter, the weather has turned treacherously cold, leaving a brittle dusting of frost along the hill we climb to get to school. We've been promised a mild winter, though, so this may be the whitest our Christmas gets.


I'm not saying that Colorado isn't sometimes a stunning and beautiful place, too stark and grand for capture with a camera phone through the window of the car driving you to the airport. I'm just saying that home is always better.