are days of the year

2012: Apr 29

As much as I enjoy the piecing of the individual hexagons, and dread the tedium of attaching them all together, I'm anxious to get back to the latter activity. Because now I've got a plan for streamlining the assembly. Kind of.

2012: Apr 28

After having dealt with The Boy's food allergies all these years, we're still getting used to the fact that Bear has absolutely no dietary restrictions, beyond what prudence would allow. And maybe the cupcake at the end of a late lunch wasn't the best parental decision (see lack of nap taken later in the afternoon). But the simple fact that she can eat it makes me happy enough to allow it. And despite the seriousness of her gaze, she was pretty happy to eat it too.

2012: Apr 27

The Boy, on our walk home from school today, remarked that our street had become so beautiful with all the flowers growing in dense, shocking splashes of impossible color. Even the poor snail infested shrub we examine every morning on the way in, dotted with little baby snails, is now more white with flora than its usual blah-green shrubby color.

2012: Apr 26

The Boy doesn't know that Dick and Jane and Vampires is a send-up of an actual kids reader. All he knows is that he can read through its 144 page entirety rather easily.

2012: Apr 25

Straight from school, we set off to dinner and errands, coming home in time to rush through the bedtime rigmarole. So we didn't have the usual unpacking of the backpack, the great reveal of worksheets and drawings and random items sifted off the playground and deemed worthy enough to haul home in his pack. But today's loot was pretty excellent, a paper and popsicle stick rendering of the musical ("Moosical" as it were) the Kindergarteners put on two weeks ago.

2012: Apr 24

What's left after de-papering the english paper piecing. The little paper hexagons, I can reuse. But all the pesky bits of thread just attach themselves to whatever I'm wearing and become lint tray fodder. Suddenly, my all black wardrobe seems less sensible.

2012: Apr 23

Cut up some new hexagons to freshen up my current mix of ready-to-assemble pieces. This thing might just take forever.