are days of the year

2012: Apr 15

Sick times continue at the Lovelihood, with the kids staking out their own, seperate spaces for nestling into. Bear cozied up onto the ottoman long claimed by the cat, whose stray fur has reupholstered the existing cover. Boy settled into an ad hoc tent, achieved by draping his old blanket over the cushy lounge chair in the office.

2012: Apr 14

I'd been waiting for a rainy day to pull out my electronics learning kit, complete with breadboard and (to my untrained eye) a pretty exciting array of cutely packaged components. After a couple seasons chock full of days too wet to play outside, it took a bright sunny one with all of us in various stages of sick to compel my breaking of the box seal. Totally worth it, though. Nothing quite beats the thrill of completing even the simplest of circuits.

2012: Apr 13

Having been dark all through fall and winter and as-of-yet overcast spring, the solar deck lights are finally showing some signs of life.

2012: Apr 12

I finally finished my little stitching project and ran it through the sewing maching to add a jersey lining and it call it a finished scarf. Tomorrow, hopefully, I send it away and get around to completing some other projects around here before May sets in.

2012: Apr 11

Spring rolls are among the dinner table staples that the kids took their time coming around to. But, always knowing they would eventually come around to the meal (there's no part of this that doesn't involve manhandling the food, and reaching across the table and over laps for more papers and tofu and dipping access — what's not to love?) we persevered and included it in our repertoire. And now, of course, it's a favorite, though early attempts at spring roll assembly inevitably end in messy but delicious failure.

2012: Apr 10

For a look-see, I held up the shaft of the Kid's goodie-bag toy telescope, and then turned it around for an anti-telescopic effect.

2012: Apr 9

It's a stitchy sampler of sorts, taking the form of what I hope will soon be a scarf.