are days of the year

2012: Mar 18

I'm not the house baker here. That would be The Mr., who can be counted upon to bake up a nice rustic loaf or punch out the pizza dough or whip up the occasional batch of cookies. So when this recipe for chorizo bread popped up on the horizon, I sent it directly to him. And, after weeks of nagging, he finally delivered.

2012: Mar 17

I've got exactly zero items in my wardrobe of a greenish persuasion. And St. Patrick's day is perhaps my least favorite of the holidays that aren't. So I make no special effort to dress to avoid Irish ridicule. The Boy's incessant pinching, however, led to an impromptu greenification of today's mostly gray getup.

2012: May 16

We got the unexpected sunbreak today, a reprieve from the forecast of another cold, wet weekend, nice enough to take out the camera (the actual one, and not the cameraphone, my crutch through these light-poor days). Along with the bulbs popping up, the blossoms on all the trees that participate in this practice make for a deceptively spring-esque backdrop.

2012: Mar 15

Bear, the contortionist, discovers that our empty laundry basket makes a most suitable curling-up space, a close second to The Mr.'s suitcase which she routinely drags out from under our bed.

2012: Mar 14

Friends in exotic locales as Colorado and California, and The Mr., coming back from the geekier half of SXSW, report that Spring is indeed happening out there. I don't actually mind the non-existent Springs here, the cold and wet right through the end of summer. And I was even suited up and prepared to go out for my run today. But in the end I just couldn't bring myself to be that cold and that wet, hauling Bear along in the jogger. So instead I took her to Target, which now carries Yan Yan.

2012: Mar 13

Across the street from my office is another set of offfices perched on a parking garage. So it's not what you'd call a scenic view. Still, the buds on that tree, three stories up here, are starting to grow, and before long those little flitting birds will be twirling around on the branches, and there's really never a drawback to having a window.

2012: Mar 12

Turns out, with an iPad and instantly streaming tv shows, light-hearted entertainment can be had with any sized project.