are days of the year

2012: Mar 25

The Boy uses the chalkboard dots to display schematics for such engineering impossiblities as rocket laden secret weapons and hydro-explosives.

2012: Mar 24

We rarely have eggs in the house. But for a the past couple of weeks we've been nursing a six pack I'd picked up for houseguests. I have little stomach for boiled eggs, hard or soft, these days, but when I was little, man did I love myself an egg soaked in a salty stew. The Mr., having just discovered this ovate umami-ness, is all over the taste sensation achieved by tossing an egg with a splash of soy sauce.

2012: Mar 23

There really wasn't enough day today to start a project and finish it, too. But having an excuse to spend another day playing with bookbinding materials is really not a bad thing.

2012: Mar 22

Those balloons from the other night got the papier mache treatment today, a day when our one-thing-at-a-time kitchen was not required for food preparation (dinner out = craft cooking). Previous years, you might recall, have had us shopping for those wooden eggs for easterly decorating. But I feel that's run its course, and I really don't know what I'd do with another dozen wooden eggs knocking around these parts. And I already had the balloons stashed in a drawer. So papier mache seemed like a good way to go, although deviating from the familiar craft routes always leaves me with the is-this-going-to-be-total-disaster pre-regrets. But Bear stumbled down from her nap to find me elbow-deep in my cooked-up paste of flour and water and newspaper strips with a dozen slathered mini-ballons strung up to dry, and she simultaneously demanded a cup of milk and one of the eggs. So I'll call it an early success.

2012: Mar 21

The last two girl scout cookies of the season. Kind of glad to see them go. I don't have the resolve to resist these kinds of things.

2012: Mar 20

I pulled out some mightily stale balloons to get a heads up on Eastering. To say that my cheeks are sore is a gross understatement. And also an unfair statement, as I had The Mr. blow up the lion's share of mini balloons once he got back from the gym.

2012: Mar 19

A new stitching project, freehand with my perle cottons on that gray sheeting that's been cut up for different projects and floating around in scrap form. We'll see how far I get on this before dumping it for ever pressing Easter ideas.