are days of the year

2012: May 6

It's not super warm yet, but us Seattleites are so unaccustomed to the sun that a day in the high 50s deserves to be spent in shorts.

2012: May 5

It was a lot more super earlier.

2012: May 4

A Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names purchased for The Mr. because he likes Taxonomy and he likes Rap Names. Naturally.

2012: May 3

The first of our many special May occasions comes down tomorrow. And like most special occasions, this one requires cake. A proper one, a Love household standard no-dairy/no-egg carrot cake sandwiching a layer of icing, is resting in the icebox. But when there's enough batter left over to spoon into a couple dozen mini cupcake papers, there's no arguing with the circumstances... You make the two dozen bite-sized cupcakes. And then you top them with a little chapeau of your soy cream cheese icing.

2012: May 2

When my knees and hips start feeling creaky during runs, I take that as my cue to go shoe shopping. I've been eying the minimal strain of running shoes for a while, impressed with the barefoot and near-barefoot runners who have been showing up at the races. But what it really came down to was that this was the prettiest pair at REI the day I went in for a new pair. Took them out for a run today, and I can report that they at least make me want to run faster.

2012: May 1

It says "Thank you mom for raisin me." And there are raisins on it. I don't believe this requires any further comment.

2012: Apr 30

I may rag on Texas a lot, but if there was one unimpeachable item for the plus column, it would be the availability of perfectly ripened avocados. Here, even in-season, finding a palatable specimen can be difficult. The one I cut open tonight for Bear's lunch was just a hair on the fibrous side, but otherwise not bad at all.